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Your donation assists disadvantaged people in Cambodia (and previously India & Timor Leste) bring about a difference in their lives. No donations are spent on administration in Australia. Our Board members donate their time; Administration costs are covered by private donations specifically for that purpose.

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CSD Int Achievements

Since its formation in 2013, CSD Int. has been active in implementing four projects in Cambodia and one in Timor Leste. We have continued to develop strong, reliable and trustworthy partners in the developing countries particularly Cambodia. Our organisation has continued to develop a strong partner relationship with the Rotary Club of Melbourne - International Committee. CSD Int. has partnered with Empowering Youth Cambodia (EYC) to deliver various projects in Cambodia. EYC is a registered local NGO in Cambodia. It works with a wide range of age groups from 6 to 22 years in four slum areas in Phnom Penh. Together with the community, EYC empowers these vulnerable young people through education, mentoring and direct support. Over the past 10 years, it has provided a variety of programs. Annually over 800 students receive computer, English & life skill training; 50 students receive direct scholarship support.

In summary CSD Int. has been involved in four projects in Cambodia over four years.

Firstly, the infra structure project on the Tonle Sap lake for the Phat Sanday community has been completed satisfactorily.

The second project has also been completed. This involved the purchase of good capacity computers and software for 4 schools supporting 5 communities living in designated slum areas of Phnom Penh and for the upskilling of current computer teachers (4) in those schools.

The third new project Community and School Social Work Program has now been implemented in the current year.

A new fourth project will commence in 2019 Empowering Youth Cambodia High School Scholarship Program. This program will provide financial assistance for high potential students from Empowering Youth Cambodia (EYC) to attend high school annually at selected schools.

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